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Man seen Naked with a handgun in church premises.

Wonders shall never end! An armed man has walked into a church premises and was shot by police officers outside the church filled with terrified kids.

The man identified as Jason Funke aged 25, was hit in shoulder by a bullet as he ran away from away from officers towards a gun he had earlier dropped on the ground minutes earlier.

Emergency were called to the premises of the church at 11.01am to reports of a man with a gun that might lead to possibly committing suicide.

Helicopter footage shows the man where he sat on the ground outside the church with a handgun  next to him.

He was seen picking the weapon and walking towards the centre of the car park.

The officers reacted by shouting then the naked man drops the weapon and moves towards a canine officer holding a dog at its collar while the naked  man still had his hands on his head.

As he approached 10ft away, he runs back to his weapon he had left on the ground.

The cop let the dog go but instead of attacking the suspect the dog went ahead to to bite the belt of it's handler's colleague.

As the suspect approached the gun, the cops was left with no option other than to fire him, hitting him on the shoulder.

The suspect has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon at a school and indecent exposure, Mr Fasulo said.
Funke is in hospital in a stable condition.
Police reported that he had a history of depression.

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