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Lady Stabbed and thrown out of a Keke Napep by Bandits.

A lady identified as Esther Onyinyechi Egwim has told the general public an incident she experienced in a KeKe Napep operated by Cultist and Bandits in Imo State.

She explained that she tried resisting their attempt to rob her but that didn't do any good as it only angered the criminals, they stabbed her with broken bottles and made away with her valuables including her mobile Phone before pushing her from the Tricycle.

She Wrote on her Facebook Page;

"The rate at which robbery incidences are happening in imo is really alarming. On my way to 6’oclock mass on sunday in Owerri, Imo state, I didn’t know that the keke i entered where occupied by cultists c*m criminals."

"They asked me to bring my phone, when I resisted, they used a sharp bottle to dig deep into my hand making it impossible for me to hold back the phone and then they pushed me down from a moving tricycle which made me fall and roll in a tarred road but I thank God I wasn’t hit by any car."

"Something really needs to be done about the state of things in this state. This is the third time I’m loosing my phone to armed robbers."


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