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Kenyan Police beats 6 months old baby to Death.

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Kenyan Police has beaten a 6 months old baby to death during a raid at her house that came up following a disrupted election result in Western kisumu, her father reportedly said.

The baby identified as Samantha Pendo has been in coma in the hospital since Friday night, her father said the police forced their way into their home when they were on the track down for protesters in the slum where they reside.

It was reported that officers battered down the doors and fried tear gas before raining blows on the couple with batons. Samantha who the mother carried by her arms was affected with head injuries and was left struggling for her life.

The Father Said: " I have lost my daughter a short while ago, may her soul rest in peace."

"Why did they have to beat us and  injure my innocent angel?, We have followed the order by the government to vote and stay at home, why did they have to come after us in our homes?"

Samantha has become the face of Police brutality since the crack down on protests that came up after the General Election.

It was also notified that they were similar cases were young people lost their lives in this struggle...May their Souls rest in Peace.

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