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Husband & wIfe in a Competiton about who is more of an Adulterer.

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A couple have decided to take their union for granted. Engineer Ojo is said to have married his wife, Tayo, 14years ago, they are blessed with three kids after which the marriage collapsed.

The Husband was said to have sent his wife packing and rather went for a woman who had eight kids, he started living with the woman as Couple. The wife in turn went after a man who was already married to five women and made herself a 6th wife.

I think the genesis of the problem started when Engineer Ojo rented part of his apartment to the so called mother of Eight, Chioma while his wife was deep into Politics and didn't have time to share with Family and also cover her responsibilities.

Chioma had a bitter relationship in her past life with her estranged Husband and used those opportunities where Mrs Ojo was available at home to find comfort in the arms of Engineer Ojo, they became lovers and eventually started living together as a Couple.

When the said wife, Tayo had realized that she had been double crossed it was too late already because Engineer Ojo was already madly in love with Chioma and her Kids even when Tayo tried to fight like a woman about to lose her home, Chioma was said to have fought her back in the Presence of the man and actually threw Tayo & her kids out of her Matrimonial Home.

When the case was reported to the police at Area M Command, Idimu and Chioma was apprehended and charged before Ejigbo Magistrates court for the alleged assault.

Chioma was granted bail, Engr. Ojo made sure she met her bail condition and she was released from prison custody.

Since then, they have been living together as husband and wife.

Tayo was then said to have moved over to her new lover – a man who had five wives at Idimu to console herself.

The embattled couple refused to go to court to seek for the dissolution of their marriage because of the uncertain nature of their present relationships.


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