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Enugu arrested Bishop says he got N186 Million not N500 Million.

 The amount I defrauded from my members is N186m not N500m - General Overseer
Yesterday, the General Overseer of City of  Liberation and Comfort Ministry, Bishop Ginika Obi for allegedly during members of his church to the tune of N500million.

His Church is located at the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway which had many worshipers of different spheres troop in and out of his ministry. Luck however ran out on him when members of his church discovered that the NGO which he lured them to invest in was just a means for him to extorrt them of their hard earned money.

When he realized he had been noticed, he ran away leaving his church & members.

He was finally caught in a Hotel Somewhere in Enugu, his NGO is named 'Build Your Generational Organisation'.

When he first experienced trouble sometime last year, he escaped to Asaba, Delta State where he raised a new congregation with a different name for the Church including changing his tittle form 'Bishop' to ' Prophet'.

He said he knew his NGO will turn put to be like this someday, he also said contrary to the statements in the report that he didn't extort up to N500million stating that he got N186million.

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