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Drunk Man Had His Arm Bitten Off by a Bear While Trying to Give It Milk.

A man's hand has been bitten off by a caged bear as he tried to feed it, this incident happened at a Russian roadside cafe.

The 42-year-old man identified as Andrey Sakharovsky, was rushed to the hospital after the terrifying frenzied attack in the Shelekhov district of Siberia’s Irkutsk region.
The man was "drunk" but staff sold him condensed milk containers to throw to three brown bears kept to attract customers.
Instead, he tried to pass the containers through the bars, and one of the beasts instantly grabbed his arm.
A security video shows the man clambering over a fence to reach the cage before a commotion when Sakharovsky was heard screaming in terror by cafe staff.
Chef Gabil Guseinov rushed to his aid, desperately pushing the angry bear away with a shovel so the victim could pull himself free from the beast's teeth.
In the end the man broke free, minus his arm up to the shoulder.
"It was very, very scary, I would not wish it on anyone," said Guseinov.
Footage shows paramedics rushing Sakharovsky on a stretcher to hospital.
Medics admit they cannot reattach his arm because of the scale of the damage from the mauling.
The man's brother Evgeny said: "Of course, it is his fault. He jumped over [the fence] and went to feed them.

"For drunk Russian men the fence needs to be higher."
But he still demanded compensation because the cafe had sold him the condensed milk knoaged wing he intended to feed the bears.
"He is disabled now," he said.
His family fear he cannot work again.
The bears are expected to be destroyed because of the attack, said police spokesman German Struglin, according to The Siberian Times.
The owner should take the decision "to put them down", because they have "tasted human blood", he said.

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