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Couple lost their four kids to Kerosene Explosion.

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A couple Mr. and Mrs. Ademola Danaogun, has lost their four kids to Kerosene Explosion due to the Adulterated Kerosene stored in one roomed apartment.

The Building had 14 rooms and all was razed down to this effect, Residents blamed Mrs Danaogun for her fate.

It was understood that Mrs Danaogun stored the Adulterated Kerosene in the room and also sold it to unsuspecting buyers.

A witness Chinyere said: 

“That night, at about 9.30pm, after she returned home, all her children were inside. While cooking, she and a neighbour began to quarrel. But her husband, who was sitting outside appealed to her to stop quarrelling.  I think it must be the fire from the stove that must have spread to the where the kerosene was stored.

“The kerosene was stored in many nylon bags and kept at veranda. Maybe, while she was quarrelling, she never knew that the stove was close to her. She was must have unconsciously kicked the cooking stove and the fire got close to the stored kerosene.

“Her husband, out of fear, immediately told the children to remain indoors until they quench the fire, not knowing that the kerosene had already spilled into the room. The children were burnt to death before any help could come.”

“We were all shocked over the incident, especially when the bodies of the children were brought out. The children held each other before they died.” 

It was also gathered that the bereaved mother got devastated after the incident, she ran away half naked and was searched for until located two days later.

The Caretaker spoke:
“I am currently homeless for no fault of mine. I am squatting with someone within this area. Nobody was able to rescue a pin and we are more pained by the four children that died in the fire,” Okere said.


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