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Chelsea Football Club Boss, Abramovich divorces wife.

                     Roman Abramovich and his wife Dasha Zhukova announced they had split yesterday. His massive wealth led some to suggest the biggest divorce in history may have been on the cards. But reports from Russia suggest the issue may already have been settled in secret 
It has been reported that the Chelsea Football Team Boss, Roman Abramovich and wife, glamorous socialite Dasha Zhukova has announced their divorce yesterday.

A friend of Dasha said that the couple who have been living seperately since Christmas organized their divorce just three months ago.

A Russian Society Blogger, Elena Miro wrote online: 'Nothing surprising has happened. It was clear that relations were about to end.

'Roman Abramovich has finally announced that they would remain friends - but they got divorced in May.'

A neighbour also said: 'I'm assured that Abramovich and his wife split after Christmas, and have essentially been living separate lives for most of this year.

'Apparently, it has been a bit of a nightmare because they had to tell their two children and he had to also find an appropriate occasion to tell the five children he has with Irina.'

Another friend shared a photo of a laughing Dasha (centre) with friends including model Karlie Kloss (second from the left) two days ago during a meet-up in the Hamptons
Meanwhile, she has been seen enjoying herself on a night out in New York and was spotted back in March having dinner with the boyfriend of supermodel Karlie Kloss, investment banker Joshua Kushner, whose brother is married to Ivanka Trump.

She spent her birthday in New York with her two children and was photographed not wearing her wedding ring on June 8.
 Dasha wasn't wearing a wedding ring when she posed for this photograph while drinking coffee on June 8 


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