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Burglar unknownly creeps into a Professional Boxer's Home.

A Homeless Burglar got into the apartment of his victim unknown to him is a professional boxer, the boxer identified as Craig Kennedy is a 6ft 3in boxer who has in his records 16 wins and one defeat.

The Boxer was in his house with his wife and six months old son when he heard a cracky sound in his apartment, Craig said he went into "Family Protection Mode."

Dressed only in his boxers, he moved down to check who was making such sounds, Craig met the homeless drug addict identified as David Large standing Outside.

Craig said: “I could see a white male with a towel against the kitchen window and a hammer to try to put through the double glazing.

“How he expected to do that quietly I don’t know. He was standing there white as a ghost.”
On sighting him, the intruder, David , jumped over the 7ft wall topped with nails as he tried to hide in a nearby bush.

The boxer got angry that he went after him, he said: 
He came towards me and it looked like he was going for his pocket, so I got him in a sleeper hold.

“I said I was not letting him go until the police had got there – he could have had a weapon.”
The boxer added: “It was instinct. He was putting my family at risk. Boxing helped because it helps you stay calm and teaches you discipline.”
Large, 34, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to burglary and attempted burglary.
Cardiff Crown Court heard that he had previously been accused of 84 offences, including 27 thefts and 10 burglaries.

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