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18 year old Chinese undergraduate caught molesting a young girl in Public.

An 18year old undergraduate has been arrested in China. The teenager was seen at a train station molesting a young girl in public, this got the reaction of Chinese on internet.

According to the woman who took the pictures, surnamed Chen, the man’s parents were sitting next to him, and other relatives were also nearby.

She said:  
“First I heard the girl sitting opposite to me giggling on the man’s lap and I thought he was tickling her,” said Chen.

“I was astonished when I noticed that his hands were not on her waist but on her chest. During the whole process, the girl just played with a cell phone and didn’t struggle at all.

The man’s father finally noticed that people around were watching them and asked his son to stand up and leave the place.”

Chen, a college student said she was unable to report to the police immediately as the man’s family outnumbered her.

She continued saying other people on the train also took photos but no one did anything to stop the man who had his hand on her chest. Chen however sent the photos to Chen Lan, a writer and NGO worker who has worked for years to protect abused children.

The writer posted the pictures online and asked the police to help the girl. According to Mo Jing, an officer with the Nanjing railway public security department, the police took immediate action after receiving the report, and officers were sent to the man’s hometown to investigate.

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