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A Country that lies to it's people.

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I have really sat back to wonder what's behind the constant lies we get from Government Agencies, i really feel hurt for this course. Sometimes i really wonder what's going to happen if they keep lying to us thereby bringing us close to danger unaware!.

You can imagine us being lied to about the UNIMAID lectures and oil staffs, how can they be comfortable enough to lie to us? what does it tell of them? i can't understand it...if Nigeria is genuine then i think some people should be relieved of their duties for this singular act, i think i watched the TVC journalists call a military operative who made that declaration of is insulting to us that such thing could happen without having the interest of the people at heart.

Several times we were told they had killed Shekau and they are still searching for him, whho are you searching for then?

I think every Nigerian should learn to stop listening to these people because we will end up being the victims while they who have the real information and awareness will take care of their selves when the chips are down leaving us to our faith.

It's a big pity that the National Assembly will not and cannot make things right because it's like asking a Kid to empty a pack of biscuit without having to eat one, how possible could that be without the kid screaming?

Nigerians must learn to ignore every figure out there now pretending to be serving the masses because in actual sense we know you are doing nothing, Only "Nigerians"(the masses) can take their stand now. Yes, the deed has been done but another election is coming up, let's surprise these people, let's bring to there knowledge that we have young and enlightened individuals who can take their stance according to the Laws of the Land.

It's unfortuante that most of our leadership process is more like an imposition because after you're done voting, we just stay back and wait for mutilated results given back to us.

How can you say all those fraudulent people found their ways to the top even with their kind of minds, how can a man rule his people wrongly and keeps winning elections? What does that tell you?

My pain is that Nigerians are dumb people, they just let things happen and put on the "I DON'T CARE ATTITUDE." Who are you doing? Yourself isn't it?

Let's all wake up to our responsibilities, let's get back what belongs to us...It's our Nigeria and not for certain people, they might be at those neat offices but we are the ones to direct them on what and what not to do in our Country.

They are our Employees.


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