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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Police Smash Gangs Of Armed Robbery Syndicate In Lagos.

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Two separate syndicates of armed robbery gangs that specialise in dispossessing victims of their motorcycles and exotic cars at gun point have been smashed by police detectives in Lagos.

Seven members of the gangs were said to have been arrested by police operatives in different parts of the state with various dangerous weapons recovered from them and other exhibits.

The arrest of one  Abdulganiyu Jamiu, said to be the gang leader of the syndicate that allegedly specialises in snatching motorcycles, was said to have led to the apprehension of two other members identified as Kayode Alaba and Ifeanyi Ezeanya.

They were alleged to have snatched motorcycles within Lagos Island and its environs during which Jamiu was arrested.

He was said to have confessed that each time they snatch any motorcycle, they always contact 
Kayode Alaba,  whose job was to register the stolen motorcycles with fake number plates and documents.

According to the suspect, this enables the robbers to sell the robbed motorcycles to prospective buyers with ease.

In the course of  trailing  Kayode Alaba, it was gathered that detectives stumbled on Ifeanyi Ezeanya, said to be a motorcycle plate number and fake number racketeer.

He was said to have been arrested with a fake motorcycle plate number “JJJ-407-QL” and some motor licensing forged documents recovered from him.

During interrogation,  he was said to have confessed that the wanted Kayode Alaba was the one doing the registration of fake motorcycle plate numbers for him.

The said Kayode Alaba was eventually arrested at Apapa road, Oyingbo, Yaba area of Lagos and confessed during interrogation that he is a member of the notorious syndicate that specializes in issuance of fake plate numbers and documents to men of the underworld for as low as One thousand Naira (N1000.00) or Two Thousand naira (N2,000.00).

The suspect was said to have further confessed that he had been in the business since 2015.

Exhibit recovered from the suspects includes the following fake plate numbers, FKJ -575-QK, FKJ -574-QK, KTU-646-QJ, BDG-562-QJ, FST-466-QP, FKJ -868-QJ, LSR-717-QJ and JJJ-407-QL.

Other robbery suspects arrested in various parts of the state like Surulere, Ikorodu and Idi-Oro Mushin, Lagos are as follows:

Members of the other gang said to specialise in snatching of exortic cars include Jamiu Wasinu ‘M’ 28 years,

Chinedu Fredrick ‘M’ 37 years, Akeem Oluwasoji ‘M’ 30 years and Adeniran Adesoye ‘M’ 34 years.
One locally made single barrel pistol, two ive cartridges, one Bajaj motorcycle with Reg. No. KJA-233-QJ, a Ford Fusion saloon car with Reg. No. FST-556-FF.

v)         Two (2) Laptop Computers;

vi)       One (1) iphone; and

vii)      Honda Accord Saloon Car with Reg. No. KJA-532-AX.

The Lagos State Commiasiner of Police Edgal Imohimi confirmed the arrest in a release made available to journalists, saying all the suspect will be charge to court as soon as investigation is concluded.

Nigerian man offers praises to God after his wife emerged from a terrible accident alive.

Onoride Kevin, a Nigerian man whose wife emerged from an accident alive, has given thanks to God.

The man’s wife survived the terrible accident that saw their car somersault in Abuja earlier today.

Onoride went on Facebook to celebrate.

According to Onoride, his wife was on her way to work when a speeding car clashed with her own along airport road. Her own vehicle plunged into the gutter but she was quite unharmed.

The grateful man shared photos from the accident scene and then wrote the following words.

”…and I will give MY angels charge over you so you would not dash your foot against a stone… ” and so the almighty God preserved the life of my wife this morning as a fast moving car hit her car from behind as she was driving to work on the airport road Abuja ….
…and the hosts of angels carried the car over the huge gutter to the other side while the other car sommersualted into the gutter. We thank God no life was lost but a few injuries here and there..Only God can can do this.. TO YOU ALONE WE GIVE THE PRAISE!!!

VIDEO: Passenger films horrifying footage of deadly plane crash.

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A passenger has posted the horrifying footage of a deadly plane crash.

On July 10, the Convair-340 charter plane crashed outside Pretoria, South Africa, soon after take-off from the airport, killing a flight engineer and a person on the ground, while leaving two pilots critically injured.

The charter plane, constructed 64 years ago, crashed near the South African capital last week, ahead of a long-haul flight to The Netherlands.

The accident was captured on a mobile phone by a passenger seated behind the left wing.

“This is getting very bad,” a man is heard saying as the left engine bursts into flames.

“They’ve got to cut the engine so we can reach the runway,” he adds.

When the plane hits the ground, the video goes black for half a minute; after that, the smoke-filled cabin is seen with passengers moaning in pain in the background.

“Everybody out! Everybody out! Everybody out!” someone shouts.

The video goes black again at the end, while some people are apparently heard moving through or clearing the debris.

Built in 1954, the vintage aircraft was due to be put on display at an air museum in The Netherlands within the next few days.

Man divorces wife for giving birth to too many children like a 'rabbit'.

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A 39-year-old man has divorced his wife after accusing her of giving birth to too many children like a “rabbit”.

Michael Ayinde dragged his wife, Glory, to court seeking the annulment of their marriage with the explanation that she has a penchant for unbridled procreation.

The couple had been married for nine years, however, their union has now come to an end over what many would find as a comical issue.

The presiding officer of the Igando Customary Court, Akin Akinniyi, said the marriage hit the rocks after the responded failed to appear in court.

"Throughout the duration of this case, the respondent (Glory) refused to honour court processes.

"Therefore, the court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage; the court hereby pronounce the marriage between Mr. Michael Ayinde and Mrs. Glory Ayinde dissolved.

"Both parties henceforth cease to be husband and wife and are free to go their separate ways without any hindrance or molestation," Mr. Akinniyi ruled.

Earlier, Mr. Ayinde told the court that he wanted a divorce because his wife’s constant reproduction had become a burden for him due to the harsh economic conditions.

According to him, Glory has had six children within the nine-year duration of their marriage.

"Before I married Glory, I warned her that I needed only two kids irrespective of their gender so that I can afford their upkeep. She agreed only for her to discard the agreement after marriage.

“My wife wants to kill me with children. She is giving birth to children like rabbits. In nine years, she has delivered six babies.

“She was sacked from her workplace just because she gets pregnant immediately after she resumes from maternity leave,’’ he added.

VIDEO: Commotion as Policeman Killed Bike Rider in Lagos.

A policeman escape from being killed by mob after allegedly killing a bike rider in Ogba, Lagos.

According to reports, the bike man lost consciousness while the officer was assaulting him for not allowing him seize his bike, and all efforts to revive him through CPR, proved abortive.

Upon noticing what was happening , the policeman tried escaping from the scene, but he was apprehended and battered by passersby. He was later compelled to take the unresponsive man away from the scene.

‘This Is My First Time’ – Kidnapper Arrested In Imo Reveals How Much He Got.

Some days ago, it was reported that one of the kidnappers who allegedly abducted two two entertainers, Ugo Stevenson and Izunna Obiakor, in Owerri, Imo State and demanded millions of naira, has been arrested by the police.. The kidnapper was arrested while attempting to collect a ransom of N300,000 after his gang initially received N1 million.

It was learnt that N1m was paid as ransom for their release of the entertainers after spending five nights in the kidnapper’ s den .

A 2007 Toyota Highlander Sports Utility Vehicle belonging to one of the entertainers was not recovered. The nabbed suspect and his fleeing gang members re-established contact with their victims demanding additional N300, 000 before his SUV could be released to them.

The operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad , led by its Commander , Godfrey Victor, cashed in on that. The kidnap victims were asked to play along .

It was in the process of receiving another ransom of N300, 000, after collecting N1 m earlier, that this suspect , Sunday Okoli , aged 35 , who hails from Amokohia Ubi in the Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, was nabbed . Unfortunately, others escaped .”

During an interview with newsmen, Okoli said that he was given N100, 000 as his share from the ransom collected from the entertainers.

“ My name is Sunday Okoli ; I am from Amokohia Ubi in the Owerri West LGA. I recently came back from Lagos and this is the first time I joined them to this operation .

“ I got a share of N100,000 from N600,000 that was paid . I did not follow them to the hideout . The hideout is at Awara in Ohaji/ Egbema LGA though I have not been there before . That is where the jeep is ,” he said.


This is the second time the 35-year-old man, whose asylum application was rejected, has avoided deportation to his home country.

“Inconsolable crying” on the part of a grown-up Afghan man slated to be sent back to his native country had effectively stopped his expulsion, the newspaper Dagen reported.

According to Dagen, 35-year-old Hossein Muhammadin had previously applied for asylum in Sweden, but was rejected and was facing expulsion.

Muhammadin claimed to be a Christian convert, whereas the Swedish authorities didn’t accept his explanation and decided he was to be sent home.

This past weekend, Muhammadin was to be flown to Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, but the flight was interrupted before the plane took off, a fellow member of the Lidköping Pentecostal Assembly told Dagen, attributing this to Muhammadin’s breakdown.

“We believe this was a panic attack that hit him on board. He cried relentlessly and shouted, so that they had to disembark him,” Rolf Wernersson told Dagen.

According to the newspaper, the Afghan man is now back at a migrant center in Kållared outside Gothenburg.

By their own admission, his friends at the Pentecostal assembly will attempt to have his asylum application reviewed, following the breakdown incident.

“We will try to find out what we can do to keep him in Sweden. Perhaps we can use his breakdown episode as a new circumstance,” Rolf Wernersson said.

According to Dagen, a previous attempt to deport Hossein Muhammadin in April failed for reasons unknown. He was also reported to have appealed his rejection several times.

Sweden’s Afghan diaspora numbers over 44,000 people and has been estimated to have grown exponentially during the recent migrant crisis, in which Afghans constitute a high percentage alongside Syrians, Iraqis and Eritreans.

Last month, a much-debated decision was passed by the Swedish Parliament, allowing a total of 9,000 Afghans billed as “unaccompanied refugee children” to stay in the Scandinavian country despite lacking grounds for asylum reasons and having had their previous applications rejected.

None of the 9,000 Afghans had valid documents at the time of their arrival, and 78 of them were found to have lied about their age.

This step, which by the Swedish government’s own estimation will set the state coffers back $350m in the coming three years alone, doesn’t apply to asylum seekers not labeled as children.

Man allegedly rapes 14-year-old boy.

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An Ikeja Magistrates’ Court has remanded a 52-year-old trader, Emeka Nwobochi in Kirikiri prison for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old boy.

The prosecutor, ASP. Ezekiel Ayorinde, told the court that the accused committed the offence on June 29, at Maza Maza Park, Lagos.

Ayorinde stated that the accused brought the 14-year old-boy from Abia and sexually assaulted him through anus.

He said, “The accused assaulted the teenager by penetrating into his anus with his sex organ”.

“The accused brought the boy from his village with the pretext of sending him to school, because the boy’s father died and was abandoned by his mother who had remarried.

“But instead, he turned him into a sex machine.

“When the boy could no longer bear the pains, he told someone who reported the case to the police which led to the arrest of the accused.

The Magistrate, Mrs B.O. Osunsanmi, who refused to take the plea of the accused, said he should be kept behind bars pending advice from the State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The offence violated Section 261 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Section 261 prescribes life imprisonment for offenders.

The case was adjourned until Aug. 13, for mention.


A 17-year-old girl has defended a married Teacher accused of having sex with her when she was a high school student.

The Teenager told a judge in Michigan during his arraignment that her former teacher, Tyler David Millward, never forced himself on her.

The girl sat with the disgraced teacher’s attorney during his arraignment Monday and told a judge that an order barring contact between her and the 29-year-old teacher wasn’t necessary.

She told Magistrate Joe Brutsche:

 “He has never been a threat and he has never hurt me. He never told me to say anything or push me to do anything against my will. I wish to have contact.” 

Police arrested Millward late Friday at the girl’s apartment in East Leroy for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the teen from July 2017 through January, beginning when she was 16 years old.

Tyler David Millward, who lost his job as a science teacher at Athens High School in February, was scheduled to stand trial next month on a domestic violence charge after an altercation in April with his wife in Springfield.

He also used his phone to send texts to the girl and lied to police about the messages. He also lied to investigators about taking her to a hotel, prosecutors claim.
Police said in a statement:

“The charges are a result from the investigation that was opened in January 2018, which Millward was involved in a teacher/student relationship. There are several aspects of the investigation that are ongoing.” 

Millward was arraigned on charges of using a computer to communicate with another to commit the crime of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and three counts of lying to police. If convicted on all counts, he faces up to 20 years in prison.


School Kids Kidnapper Confess As He Was Caught In Umuokpu , Awka Ananmbra State.

As Shared by an online user;

A young guy drove into St. Paul's Anglican Church umuokpu-Awka ,a community primary school is situated in the church yard.

As their graduation ceremony was about to end. and lured two Little kids of 2 and 4 years into his knee in a kidnap attempt.

As God had it, the culprit was apprehended and beaten thoroughly. The village vigilante service took him away to hand him over to the state police.

Then I wonder what gave the wicked boy the mind to kidnap someone's flesh and blood, definitely for ritual purpose. The will never be peace for the wicked.

The idiot confessed that it was just for a mere 50,000 Mayra and that his other colleague has completed his own assignment.

I am still in bitter tears, our kids are no longer secured.

God help us.