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Student Who Survived School Massacre That Killed Her Best Friend, Takes Her Own Life.

A student who survived the massacre at a high school in Parkland has taken her own life after struggling with ‘survivor’s guilt’. Sydney Aiello lost her best friend in the shooting at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, USA on February 14 2018.

Her mother Cara Aiello told  CBS Miami  that her daughter had struggled with ‘survivor’s guilt and was recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.’

The 19-year-old was close friends with Meadow Pollack, one of the 17 students and staff killed in the mass shooting. The youngest of her family, Pollack was one of four seniors gunned down at the high school.

Cara Aiello said her daughter Sydney was on campus when the shooter opened fire but was not in the Freshman Building.

She added Sydney struggled to attend college classes because she was afraid of being in a classroom and was often sad but hadn’t asked for help before she killed herself.

She took her own life on March 17.  Her funeral took place Friday.

Nikolas Cruz, suspected of killing 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, appeared in court, Friday. 

His  trial is scheduled for early next year, no specific date has been set, as yet.

Revealed! How Church Paid People In Order To Fake Miracles..

South African news channel, SABC1, has done an investigative report on Pastor Alph Lukau and Alleluia Ministries International (AMI), the church where a man named “Elliot” was allegedly raised from the dead on February 24, 2019. Although the incident has gone viral, with many mocking it, many others still believe in Lukau’s integrity and that the “miracle” was real.

“To use that vulnerability for any kind of religious gain, which is false, I quite frankly think is criminal,” said Bishop Paul Verryn, who is with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.

What Was The “Miracle”?

The entire AMI service that concerns the alleged miracle is recorded and available to watch on YouTube here. In the middle of the service, a woman approaches Lukau, telling him that people on their way to Zimbabwe have just driven a hearse by the church when they saw the fingers of the corpse in it beginning to move. Lukau leaves the stage and goes outside to meet people claiming to be Elliot’s friends and family members. After a covered coffin containing Elliot is pulled out of the hearse and opened, Lukau asks what happened to him. A woman claiming to be his landlord says she saw Elliot die in front of her that past Friday. A man claiming to be his brother says the “body” came from a mortuary.

Everything about the scenario implies that Elliot has been dead, even though he is obviously breathing while he is lying in the coffin, something Lukau even mentions at one point. It’s also unclear how anyone could have seen Elliot’s fingers moving before the hearse arrived at the church since the coffin had been covered. After questioning those who brought Elliot, Lukau lays his hands on him and tells him, “Rise up!” Elliot then sits up and gets out of the coffin to much jubilation from the church attendees.

Since the alleged miracle occurred, AMI has denied that Lukau ever claimed to have performed a resurrection, despite the fact that later in the service (at 2:11:45 in the video) as Elliot is walking around in an apparent daze, Lukau says, “The dead man is alive. The coffin is empty.”

Arguing this was not intended to be presented as a resurrection ignores a host of glaring facts that AMI and Pastor Lukau have not yet accounted for.

What SABC1’s Investigation Found

SABC1 talked to several people who claim that AMI pays people to act as though they have disabilities and then pretend to be healed from them. One woman named Samantha Revesai says she went to AMI one morning for prayer because she was discouraged from being out of work for a long time. When people at the church found out she needed money, they told her to come back to the church the next week. When Revesai returned, she was given two papers, one claiming she had been HIV positive and another saying that she was now negative, something that was announced before hundreds of people that morning. Revesai denies ever having been HIV positive and says the church gave her money for saying that she was healed from the virus.

A man named Blessing Kwemelao, who was interviewed in the report, says that he recruited people on behalf of AMI to participate in fake miracles. He would tell them that what he wanted them to do was easy and that the pastor would do all the talking for them. Kwemelao says three to four teams at the church recruited and trained people for this purpose. He claims that those helping to orchestrate each “miracle” would send texts with instructions to the actors telling them what to do. For example, a woman might be told to pretend she couldn’t hear anything and then scream and say, “I can hear!”

One woman interviewed in SABC1’s report says the church won’t recruit people from South Africa because South Africans can easily be traced, but the church will recruit Zimbabweans living in South Africa, who are “untraceable.”

What About Elliot?

According to Elliot’s employer, Vincent Amoretti, Elliot’s coworkers say he has done other “stints” for the church where he has pretended to be healed by miracles.

SABC1’s reporter visited Elliott’s home on the east side of Pretoria where his neighbors (many of whom chose to remain anonymous) say the “resurrection” was a lie to make money. They expressed their anger at an incident they believe trivializes the grief of those who have actually lost loved ones. One member of the community says that the woman in the video is not Elliot’s landlord and that in fact no one in the neighborhood even has a landlord.

Elliot’s friend “Paul” claims he last saw him on Thursday, the 21st, the day before he supposedly died. Elliott was not sick and did not die, says Paul. Rather, he was acting in order to “make ends meet.” SABC1 also found that no medical teams in the province got a call about a death case on the Friday Elliott allegedly died. There was no autopsy report or certificate of death, and none of the funeral homes connected with the incident saw his body.

AMI Claims Innocence

AMI has maintained that it was not dishonest in the matter of the supposed resurrection and that it does not orchestrate fake miracles. Busi Gaca, a spokesperson for AMI, told SABC1, “So anybody to then allege that the miracles we see, whether it’s in the church or on the street, are either staged or people are paid for, I think that’s ridiculous.” If they were staged, she says, then people would be praying to a powerless God.

AMI has posted images on its Facebook page of documents from its attorneys stating that SABC1 did not give the church a fair opportunity to appear on the report or to defend itself. The church apparently urged the news channel to pull the program. In the comments on the post, many criticized Lukau, but many also defended him. One woman wrote, “If people believe that My Father Alph Lukau bought some people to fake miracles, then they should also believe that some people can be bought to lie about Pastor Alpha. Plz leave Pastor Alph alone, we didn’t force people to become member of AMI or follow Pastor Alph. WE LOVE U PAPA.”

In the report, one church member says he is so convinced that the miracle occurred he would stake his life on it: “If that wasn’t real, I am not real.”

‘Competition of Gimmicks’

Bishop Malusi Mpumiwana, the General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, says that fraudulent miracles are happening more and more often in the country and that it’s almost like there is a “competition of gimmicks” going on.

Bishop Musa Sono of Grace Bible Church says that while resurrection is possible, churches like AMI are taking advantage of people: “It affects people’s beliefs in what is authentically God’s word, and people end up not being sure, even when they see authentic things.”

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CUPP kicks as EFCC arrest Onnoghen’s driver.

The Coalition of United Political Parties,CUPP, yesterday, accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, of arresting the personal driver of the suspended Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Walter Onnoghen.

It claimed in a statement, signed by it’s spokesman,Ikenga Ugochinyere, that the move by the anti-graft agency was aimed at forcing the driver, identified as Mr.Emmanuel Essien, to signing what it called an “indicting documents against the suspended CJN.”

It described it as “desperate hunt for evidence to indict Onnoghen after their charges of lies at CCT collapsed.”

The full statement read:” Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government today launched a fresh offensive against the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen, with the abduction of his driver Mr.Emmanuel Essien by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

“This development is coming less than a week after operatives of this heavily partisan anti-graft body invaded Onnoghen’s farm in Nasarawa State.

“The Coalition of United Political Parties sees this new offensive against Justice Onnoghen as one too many.

“We note that the government, having seen from yesterday’s proceedings at the Code of Conduct Tribunal that the trump up charges filed against him may not fly, has resorted to hunting for evidence to further indict him.

“We reiterate our position that President Buhari is desperate to see Onnoghen resign without any justifiable reasons.

“The plan is to ensure that the government and the party in power, All Progressives Congress, completely takes over the Supreme Court ahead of election appeals arising from the governorship and presidential elections.

“The CUPP is, therefore, asking President Buhari to direct the EFCC to quickly release all Onnoghen’s domestic workers and also apologise to the CJN since all the lies against him have been exposed at the CCT.

“It will interest Nigerians to know that revelations at the CCT have so far shown that the number of houses and account balance being reported to belong to Onnoghen have been found to be false.

“It has also been revealed at the CCT that the case against him was filed even before investigation was done.

“Having suffered this great blow at the CCT and aware that the case against the CJN will fail, they decided to embark on a new offensive to manufacture evidence in order to nail Onnoghen at all cost.

“We call on all lovers of peace to stand up to be counted on this matter. They should stand by the truth even at the risk of their lives.”

Meet Lawyer Who Convinced Osun State Tribunal To Declare Adeleke As Governor Of Osun State.

This is Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN). He is a Nigerian lawyer and also a senior advocate of Nigeria. A brilliant lawyer and one of the finest Nigerian lawyers alive.

Dr Ikpeazu’s forte is election petition and he is Adeleke’s head of legal team that is handling his matter in court.

This man brilliantly came up with the argument that INEC returning Officer as it were lacked the locus to cancel the Osun state governorship concluded election.

His reasons were simple: Our electoral laws did not empower the Returning officer to do so and to his credit, Osun state tribunal members affirmed his brilliant argument by declaring his client winner.

Dr Ikpeazu will be leading Adeleke’s legal team all the way to Supreme Court and I know that with his deep profound knowledge of our electoral laws and his sheer brilliance which is beautiful to watch, victory is sure for the maligned Adeleke.

But aside this, what many people did not know that this was the same man that got the court to cancel Chris Ngige’s stolen mandate as the brief governor of Anambra state and then declare the not so popular Peter Obi as the governor of Anambra state in 2006.

Dr Ikpeazu marshaled his argument with eloquence and conviction from the lower court to Appeal court that Peter Gregory Obi was rigged out by Chris Uba and Ngige with iron clad evidences attached, the court after hearing his brilliant submission from this Onitsha born lawyer and with the evidences on their table can’t help but declare Peter Obi as the rightful governor of Anambra state even when many pessimists thought it was impossible for the court to do so at that time.

What this means is that he is the first Lawyer in our history to convince a Nigerian court to send a sitting governor packing and he repeated the same feat with Adeleke.


She seduced me, says lesson teacher, 30, who raped 13-year-old secondary school pupil.

An extramural coaching teacher has been arrested for alleged rape of his 13-year-old pupil in Lagos.

30-year-old Charles Munroe allegedly defiled the Senior Secondary School one pupil on 16 January 2019.

Although Munroe admitted to having sex with the 13-year-old girl, he claimed it was consensual and that the victim seduced him.

It was gathered that the victim’s mother had employed Munroe sometime in August 2018 to be teaching her daughter in their residence at Ajangbadi area of the state.

Munroe was said to have gone to the girl’s school on 16 January 2019 and asked her to follow him to his house on the pretence that he wanted to show her something.

On getting to the house, the teacher reportedly had sex with her forcefully and threatened to kill her if she disclosed what happened to her parents.

Our correspondent gathered that about one month later, on February 19, Munroe repeated the act after he allegedly lured the girl out of the class on the pretext that he wanted to give her a textbook.

It was learnt that the girl’s mother observed that she was nervous, prompting the woman to prod her into telling the truth. She was said to have opened up to her mother after much pestering.

The case was consequently reported at the Okokomaiko Police Division and the teacher was arrested.

The girl told the police that she followed Munroe home based on the trust she had in him, adding that she never thought he could molest her.

She said,

“Mr. Munroe teaches my mum’s friend’s children. Through my mum’s friend, she started giving me private lessons in August 2018. In January this year, he visited me in the school and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I did not have. He came the second time and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. I told him I was not interested.

“On January 16, he came to my school again and asked me to follow him home to see something. Being my lesson teacher, I agreed to follow him. I never thought he could think of having sex with me. I wanted to shout, but he covered my mouth. When he was done, he threatened to kill me if I told my parents about it. I was scared and didn’t tell them.

“On the second occasion, he came to my school and told me that there was a textbook he wanted me to read. He took me to a place and asked me to remove my clothes. When I refused, he forcefully had sex with me.”

But Munroe, who hails from Abia State, claimed that the sex was consensual.

The teacher stated that he and the girl had become close over time during which she allegedly made amorous advances to him.

He said he rejected the overtures and that it led to a disagreement, adding that he later succumbed to “let peace reign.”

Munroe stated,

“I am a graduate and I have been teaching for some years now. I was engaged to give private lessons to the girl at home. We both became close in the process and she shared her burdens with me. In all honesty, she told me she was 15 years old. On February 19, she visited me as she normally did. She had wanted me to be with her even when I resisted.

“At a point, my refusal caused a serious disagreement between us. I succumbed to her advances to let peace reign. We had sex based on her consent. I never knew before now that she was still a child under the law and was not capable of giving consent. The first one took place in my house. I asked her several times if she had a boyfriend just to discourage her from being close to me.”

A police prosecutor, Inspector Ben Emuerhi, subsequently brought Munroe before an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court sitting in Ogba on one count of defilement.

The charge read,

“That you, Charles Munroe, between January 16, 2019 and February 19, 2019 at Ajangbadi, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did unlawfully defile a 13-year-old girl, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.”

The presiding magistrate, Mrs O. Sule-Hamzat, did not take the teacher’s plea.

She granted a remand application filed by the police, asking that the defendant be kept in the Kirikiri prison.

The magistrate directed that a copy of the case file be sent to the Directorate of the Public Prosecutions for legal advice and adjourned the matter till May 2, 2019.

Kano Rerun: Thugs Attack Voters And Journalists.

The Governorship re-run election in Kano State, in some areas, has been marred by violence as some journalists covering the election have been reportedly assaulted by hoodlums in the state.

According to reports, the newsmen escaped lynching after they were attacked by some suspected thugs at Suntulma Primary School in Gama ward of Nasarawa Local Government Area of the state.

The journalists who were in the area to monitor the poll were chased out of the place by the hoodlums, NAN reports.

Trouble began when some of the newsmen tried to interview some voters who were denied access into the classrooms where some of the polling units were stationed.

While trying to flee the troubled area, some of the journalists fell on the ground and one of them (Name withheld), had to take refuge in a nearby Mosque in order to save his life.

It was also reported that some of the reporters had their clothes torn by the thugs.


Man crashes his friend's Mercedes Benz car which he borrowed to drive around Sapele.

               Photos: Man crashes his friend
A Nigerian man is currently in debt after he crashed his friend's new Mercedes Benz car which he borrowed for a ride around Sapele, Delta state this morning.

See more photos showing the damage done to the car below.
            Photos: Man crashes his friend
            Photos: Man crashes his friend
            Photos: Man crashes his friend
            Photos: Man crashes his friend


Unizik undergraduate found dead with pants and eyes removed.

Image result for Unizik undergraduate found dead with pants and eyes removed.
On Friday, a female undergraduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State identified as 'Pauline' was found dead with her eyes and underwear reportedly missing from her corpse which was found at the Commissioners’ Quarters behind the Anambra State Government House. 

A resident of the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “the corpse of the 300 level student of the university was dropped by the roadside around Commissioners’ Quarters by an unknown car.” 

He added, “the true cause of her death has not been ascertained, but the corpse has been taken away by the police. She was found dead without her underwear and eyes at a junction before Demonstration Primary and Secondary School, Commissioners’ Quarters, Awka, close to GRA Phase 3 Agu Awka, a suburb of the state capital. 

“This is one in many deaths recorded among students of the university. My advice is for these girls to be mindful of the kind of men they go out with; they should be mindful of these men in flashy cars in town because all that glitters is not gold.”

Man claims 3 and 5-year-old sisters were defiled in Imo state, calls police to help.

3 and 5-year-old sisters defiled
A Nigerian human rights activist, Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison, popular for his fight against child violence and abuse has shared another sad story on social media.

The human rights activist called on the police to help with the case.

 According to Harrison, sisters who are just three and five years old were defiled in Imo state on the same day.

The human rights activist had revealed that his attention had been called to the case by a female police officer who pleaded with him to help. He also mentioned that the children are admitted in the hospital.

Harrison, who shared the sad story on Facebook, revealed that the 3-year-old is unable to work properly.

According to the activist, the family of the victims were paid N17,000 as settlement money. He claimed that they had been given N15,000 for hospital bill and N2,000 for food.

He revealed his plans to re-open the case and also called on the Imo state police to assist with the case.

Thugs burn election materials, chase away INEC staff, observers in Benue.

Political thugs beleived to be loyal to the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the early hours of today overpowered security officials and disrupted election in Chito the headquarters of Azendeshi ward in Ukum LGA of Benue State.

The rampaging thugs attacked INEC officials, PDP agents and observers and burnt electoral materials, thus, disrupting the entire process.

Member representing Ukum state constituency in the Benue State House of Assembly, Hon. Paul Biam alongside, Commissioner for Industry, Trade and Investment, Kachina Merga, Adviser to the Governor on Revenue and Taxation, Zaye Jerome, Local government Chairman, Ibellogo Tor Tyokaa, Hon. Donald Gbugho and Deacon Dan Abbagu who were all agents of the party were attacked by the thugs .
Having successfully pushed agents out of the collation centre, the thugs burnt all electoral materials .