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Workers to shutdown NASS on Monday.

Workers of the National Assembly are to commence a four-day warning strike on Monday in continuation of their protest to demand better welfare.

The workers on the platform of Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), National Assembly chapter, took the decision to embark on the strike on Friday.

The Chairman of the association, Mr Bature Mohammed, said in a statement in Abuja the decision was reached in an emergency congress held on Dec. 14.

President Muhammadu Buhari is due to present the 2019 Appropriation bill to the joint National Assembly on Wednesday, December 19.

Mohammed said that the warning strike which would run till Dec. 20, was to press home the demands of the association.

The chairman advised that all members of the association should stay away from their duty posts during the period.

Members of PASAN had on Dec. 4 shut down operations at the National Assembly when they prevented lawmakers from sitting.

The grievances of PASAN include a new condition of service for members, promotion and payment of 28 per cent increment in salary captured as contained in the 2018 budget.

The aggrieved workers had on Dec. 4 staged a protest over unpaid salaries and allowances.

The association’s move had become necessary following nonchalant attitude of the national assembly leadership to toward their demands.

The workers carried out the protest and picketed offices within the assembly.

They are demanding to be put on the Consolidated Legislative Salary Structure (CONLESS).

President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, had also directed the National Assembly Management Committee headed by the Clerk, Alhaji Sani Omolori, to resolve all issues raised by protesting members of staff and report back by Dece. 14..

The duo gave the directive at a meeting attended by the National Assembly’s Management and members of staff under the umbrella of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), following another protest at the NASS complex.

The Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to Saraki, Yusuph Olaniyonu, said the presiding officers of both chambers of the National Assembly stressed that it was important for the workers to be well motivated.

Saraki and Dogara directed that the demands of the staff be properly addressed in order to create a conducive atmosphere for the legislature to perform its duties.

The Senate President and Speaker noted that the demands of the workers are part of the responsibilities of the National Assembly’s Management and that the grievances of the workers should not be allowed to linger.

“The leadership of the National Assembly made it clear to the staff that the issues raised by them were previously unknown to the legislators and that even if they were known to the Senate President and the Speaker, the leadership could do little to address them because they fall under the purview of the NASS’s Management.



“Celebrity Or Not, Nobody Is Permitted To Move Around With Guns” – Dolapo Badmus.

When popular musician, Temitope Adekunle, Small Doctor, recently got arrested by members of the Lagos State Police for alleged illegal possession of firearms, there were conflicting opinions on whether he was licensed to own a gun or not.

In a chat with Showtime, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Zone 2, Dolapo Badmus, who declined to speak further on the case because it had already been sorted by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, Small Doctor’s case was a peculiar one. However, she shared her views on possession of firearms, either by celebrities or not.

“Guns are issued by Police to individuals under license. You cannot have all guns because we give licensed guns to individuals who feel their lives are under threat, only when they apply. The guns should be properly licensed and be kept within the confinement of your home and must not be carried about unnecessarily. Anybody that unlawfully carries a gun must be arrested and be prosecuted according to the law”, she said.

She added that licensed or not, celebrity or not, nobody is permitted to move around with guns, which was probably why Small Doctor was arrested.

“No one is permitted to carry unlicensed gun and even when licensed should not move with it about or become a threat to people around”, she said. Speaking further, she appealed to the general public to stay away from crime and have a wonderful crime-free Christmas.

Nigerian Soldiers Execute Unarmed Elderly Men During Clearance Operation.

The Nigerian army has been accused of extra-judicial killing after some men believed to be soldiers killed two unarmed elderly men in cold blood.

Activist and social commentator on Nigerian and international affairs, Kayode Ogundamisi, posted a footage of the men being led to their deaths before they were executed along with their donkeys.

It is suspected that the men were aiding Boko Haram elements in the northern part of the country that’s why they were executed but Nigerians have argued that they would have been arrested and interrogated to gather more information and not killed since they were unarmed.
Writing about the issue on Twitter, Ogundamisi said;

I support and appreciate the sacrifice of our military, however the activities of few bad eggs should never be condoned, covered up or allowed to be the price we have to pay for fighting the insurgency. 

A lot had been achieved in terms of security and the rules of engagement, we have a lot to do, and we can improve. Acts as seen in the video will compromise the heroic efforts of the greater majority of our forces, who by the way are doing their very best within the limitations.
Despicable acts isolates our military and puts our forces in grave danger of not getting the needed cooperation from the locals. The insurgents will use, have been using isolated incidents as a means of getting the corporation of locals who pass information to Boko Haram ISWAP.

It is understandable that the men in the video were on edge, suspecting the civilians of being Boko Haram informants, If they are found to be Boko Haram informants, why execute them? Why not hold them? take care of them so they can be used to gather more info and intelligence.

That the executors even filmed the execution show they have normalised such extra judicial killings, it means more efforts is needed to support our troops on rules of engagement, the impact of loosing comrades to terrorists could see them thinking more of revenge than win battles.


“A Senator Told Me That Buhari Is No Longer On This Planet” – Dele Momodu.

I sat recently with a Senator at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja who insisted that Buhari is no longer on this planet and he’s been replaced by a nebulous Jubril from Sudan. My God, what manner of country is this, I soliloquised…

Fellow Nigerians, let me say how worried I’m about our dear beloved country Nigeria. Yes. I’m troubled because of how much we have allowed politics and politicking to turn our land into a playground of beasts and vampires. It is sad, very sad.

Just yesterday, an old friend woke me up from my deep sleep. He is no other than the former Governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu. I had tried to reach him desperately in the last few weeks after reading all kinds of reports online about him. The one that alarmed me the most was a purported ‘Breaking News” that said Orji has just died after an unsuccessful operation in Germany. I was so rattled that I quickly put a call through to my dear friend and former colleague at Concord Newspapers of Nigeria, Eric Osagie, now the Managing Director of The Sun Newspapers. As soon as he picked his phone, I tried to check if I would hear, or feel, any wailing, or gnashing, of teeth in the background but my friend sounded as boisterous as ever. Ever since I knew Eric, I have never seen or heard him in a dull moment.

Eric screamed my moniker as always “Bob Deeeee!” I retaliated, “Ericooo!” and I went straight to the reason I was calling him.” Where is Orji Kalu?” I asked, hurriedly. “Your friend is in his house in Abuja,” Eric responded, matter-of-factly. Somehow, I thought he was just being clever and tactful and didn’t want to break the sad news, just yet. I wasn’t going to allow Eric do that to me. The reporter in me took the upper hand and I thundered, “I just read that Orji is dead!” But Eric, in his characteristic confidence mode, responded authoritatively. “Bob Dee, don’t mind them, “your friend is in his house in Abuja, please call him.” Wow, thank God, I sighed and simmered. I called but got no response from my friend of over 27 years.

No matter the situation, my friends are always my friends. Business or politics should never separate friends. Orji was already a successful businessman when I met him around 1990. I used to call him “the Aba Trader” then and he changed my nickname from Bob Dee to Don Dee. He used to pick me up, every now and then to visit his various sites and properties in Lagos and I was quite impressed about his business acumen and vision. I loved to gist with him, as he had incredible information on everything and everyone. One of the most fascinating stories I savoured endlessly from him was that of the coup that almost toppled General Ibrahim Babangida from the seat of power at Dodan Barracks. Orji is an extremely affable man whose wealth of friends, from North to South, and East to West, is remarkable and commendable. I wish every Nigeria was like members of their generation who saw Nigeria as one nation and not a country of fracticidal fractional nationalities.

When I was in exile in England, Orji contacted me regularly whenever he breezed into London and he always invited me to his beautiful home in North Finchley. We had fun visiting the best restaurants and we were so close then and remain so now. I will always recall his visit to our former home, on Romford Road in East London, when my wife and I had the naming ceremony of our second son, Enitanyole, in July 1996. Also present was Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate most of the photographs taken on that special occasion, but we still have that of Tinubu and myself.

When Ovation took off full blast, we did an exclusive interview with Orji Kalu at home in London, titled “Aba Trader Eyes the Government House.” It was the first time Orji revealed for the first time that he was nursing the ambition to go into politics and contest the gubernatorial election in his home State of Abia, in South East Nigeria. I was excited by the story which was lavishly garnished with beautiful pictures of his London home. Though I had my doubts about his ability to take on and dislodge the firmly rooted professional politicians in Nigeria, I was nonetheless happy that successful managers of men and resources were getting into politics instead of abandoning governance in the hands of semi-literates, mediocres and never-do-wells.

My only worry at the time was the risk of duelling with political sharks and alligators who were ready to tear everyone and everything into shreds if it threatened their entrenched interests. I felt that Orji might end up a veritable victim of their customary shenanigans. Orji soon started his campaign and I monitored him from a distance. His raw courage always marked him out and I assumed his humongous business conglomerate was the source of his confidence and suavity. He contested and won the Governorship race and I was very elated. We met a few times whenever he was in his Lagos home and I relished our breakfast meetings at his home in Victoria Island. He had bright ideas about how to transform Aba from a rural setting to a cosmopolitan society. I noticed in his first term that he embarked on an aggressive modernisation of roads which was hailed in many newspaper reports which, I believe gave him the opportunity to win a second term, despite his running battle with President Olusegun Obasanjo. The only time I visited I visited Abia State was when I was made a Chief by HRH Eze Dr Ngozi Israel Ibekwe, the traditional Ruler of Etiti Mgboko Umuanunu Ancient Kingdom. Unless I am doing a story, or I am expressly invited for some activity, function or even visit, it is not my style to bother my friends who are in positions of power. I believe that they have enough on their plate and that I should not add to their problems or distract them from their serious work of nation building.

I had no means of assessing or ascertaining how well he did as Governor, but he seemed very popular from the way he was handed a second term by his people. At some point, he even nursed Presidential ambition. I will not be surprised if he still does because I know he is passionate about Nigeria and feels that we have so far been short-changed by the quality of leaders that we have had. He remains resolute and firm in the belief that he still has a lot to offer the country. Orji was one of the most vociferous critics of the Obasanjo regime. He must be commended for surviving the blistering Hurricane OBJ that swept away several Governors of that incredible era. Since he left power, his critics have attacked him too endlessly and he’s been dragged before the anti-corruption agency, EFCC, accused of pilfering some of the resources meant for developing his State. The latest controversy has now led to the rumour of his death.

Well, Orji woke me up from bed yesterday morning. “Don Deee, how are you?” Then he went into the rumour of his death. He said He’s happy that he survived his operations that lasted many hours.

He wondered why some people wanted him dead after serving his State and country meritoriously. He reminded me of how long we’ve known each other and recalled how he had made his billions via his SLOK GROUP, long before he went into politics.

He was very excited to chat with me just like old times and as we usually do whenever we have the opportunity to interact. He said he was returning to Germany to recuperate properly and fully and I wished him a safe trip. It is always a delight chatting with a man who has some of the hottest gist about men and women of power. His tentacles and reach also go beyond Nigeria.

Orji is not the only butt of jokes and ridiculous rumours in this season of political giddiness. I have had to practically engage in hot verbal exchanges with supposed educated and intelligent Nigerians over the cloning or body double speculation about our President Muhammadu Buhari.
I sat recently with a Senator at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja who insisted that Buhari is no longer on this planet and he’s been replaced by a nebulous Jubril from Sudan. My God, what manner of country is this, I soliloquised. The thought that any rational or reasonable person could contemplate that such far-fetched subterfuge and con could be perpetrated by any group of Nigerians with the collaboration of foreigners, especially the English, just makes the mind boggle. It is for example utterly ridiculous and sheer madness to ascribe to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo – a cerebral, discerning man of God, a Professor of Law and the immediate beneficiary of any unfortunate accident to the President – any role in such a farcical debacle. Indeed, it is such a crying shame that supposedly brilliant, intelligent and wise men and women would even deign to condescend to join the cacophony of noise and excitement about the existence of such a dastardly plot. For me, this is a distraction that we can least afford when there are important matters to engage us as a nation particularly as we draw near elections which may turn out to be the making, breaking or otherwise of our great country.

I have met Buhari at close range on at least four occasions since 2011, including engaging him all alone in a room in Aso Rock in 2015. As far as I am concerned, he remaind the same person now as he was then. He may be affected by the aging process and ill-health, but that happens to us all. It does not make us cloned or a body double or doppelganger of a Sudanese man. How can anyone want to brainwash Nigerians like common idiots? The fact people disagree politically is no reason to manufacture such malicious, irresponsible and fallacious tales about anyone least of all the President of our country.
All our political gladiators must purge themselves of this poisonous bile. At the same time, I have a generous advice for Buhari and his handlers, in particular.
They should resist the temptation to play politics of coercion. While I agree that there is plenty of fake news going around which is a mere part of the internet phenomenon, not many of it is hate speech, but mere irresponsible, spiteful or just jocular people who do not know any better. Only God gives power. To label rational, but dissenting speech as fake news just heats up the polity and clearly degrades us and our democracy.

Dissent and criticism are the hallmarks of true freedom and the ability to tolerate such critique is the difference between celebrated statesmen and despised autocrats, dictators and tyrants.
Some of the moves of certain government officials and agencies in recent times have been interpreted as a sign of panic and desperation. Blocking and obstructing opposition on all fronts may actually make certain candidates more popular. We have recent history to refer to in this regard. A word is enough for the wise.

As we approach 2019, another year of elections in Nigeria, the unification, security and economic well-being of our countrymen and women should be our priority. It is not how long we rule or reign but how well that is important and vital.

God bless Nigeria.

Urhobo give Delta University seven days to disengage Deogratas Security over student’s murder.

The apex body of Urhobo decision making body, Urhobo progressive Union (UPU) on Saturday issued a seven-day ultimatum to the management of the Delta State University (DELSU) Abraka to disengage Deogratas Security Company, the privately owned security firm contracted to secure Site Three of the university.

The UPU, in the statement signed by Louis Emoubonvie Anidi and Kelly Umukoro, a copy of which was made available to newsmen in Asaba, warned that failure to comply with its demand would result in a massive protest by Urhobo youths and resort to other legal means to press home their demand.

Recall that one of the suspected ritualists fingered in the gruesome murder of Elozino Ogege, a 300-level student of the university, is a member of staff of Deogratas security firm.

In the letter addressed to the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Victor Peretemode, the UPU maintained that since the murder of Elozino Ogege was carried out in Site Three with two security operatives of the security outfit fingered, it was necessary that the outfit be disengaged with immediate effect.

Part of the letter reads: “There have been cases of ritual killings, Kidnappings, especially Staff of the university and the current murder of Elozino Ogege now revealing that the privately owned security outfit member was fingered. We don’t want to know how long the act has been happening but all we want is the outfit should be disengaged by the university immediately.”

But in a swift reaction, Professor Peretemode said, “We are studying the UPU letter but we are waiting for the police final report upon which the management of the university will act. The management of DELSU Abraka is aware of the fact that a member of the security outfit was fingered, we are on top of the situation to come out with a decision that will be situable to hearing.”



A woman who was arrested for killing her own daughter earlier this week, has been released on bail.

48-year-old Veronica Raquel Dunn from South Africa, explained to News24 on Friday how she had snapped and stabbed her drug addicted daughter Venolia Avend, 24.

Venolia was killed on Tuesday morning. Her unemployed mother appeared in the Protea Magistrate’s Court in South Africa the following day, and was granted R2 000 bail. Dunn insists that the stabbing was not premeditated, but happened on the spur of the moment.

The fatal incident occurred after Venolia demanded food parcels from her mother so she could sell them to buy drugs.

According to Dunn, her daughter had moved out of her house long ago and was staying with her drug addicted boyfriend. Last week, Venolia received food parcels from a local clinic and gave them to her mother, but later changed her mind and demanded the groceries back.

“Then she started arriving in the morning as usual, wanting to sell the groceries to buy drugs. On Friday morning, she asked me to give her a bag of mielie meal and I gave it to her because she was fighting with me. ‘She held me by the throat’

“On Tuesday morning, I was sleeping with my other daughter Ashadine, 21, when Venolia arrived in our shack, demanding the remaining groceries. I told her that she was going to sell them to smoke drugs, and she started insulting me,” Dunn said.

Venolia, who was allegedly armed with stones, then started smashing things in her mother’s bedroom.

“I pushed her out and locked the bedroom door with Ashadine. She kicked down the door, wanting to attack us. She finally entered and charged at me and her sister. She held me by my throat for a while, choking me, and I pushed her back.

“She went for her sister and grabbed her too. Venolia then went for a knife, which was on the floor, wanting to stab her sister. I quickly dived for it and I don’t know what happened later,” she said, sobbing.

Dunn stabbed her daughter once in the back. A neighbour rushed Venolia to a fire station for medical assistance, but she died there.

‘I never meant to kill her’ “I had to save my life and my Ashadine’s. I never meant to kill her. It was a snap of a moment and can’t forgive myself. I killed my daughter that I loved. I was shocked and still don’t believe. I then handed myself over to the Eldorado Park police.

“The incident still lingers in my mind. I am battling to sleep. I miss her, especially in the morning, when she used to arrive here asking for 50 cents or R2. She was my daughter and she will always be my daughter and I will always love her.

“I hope what happened here is an eye opener to many parents who live with drug addicted children. My daughter had brought trauma and many bad memories in my life. I am not proud of what I did. All parents faced by a similar situation must seek help before things get out of hand,” she said.

‘She was stealing everything in my house’

Dunn said Venolia had dropped out on school in Grade 7 because of her drug addiction.

She claimed she had tried everything to help her daughter get off the drugs, but was unsuccessful.”She was stealing everything in my house. She stole my clothes… our toiletries, kitchen appliances and every item she could get in the house. She sold them to buy drugs.

“I have taken her to various rehabilitation centres, thinking she will change. I have lost a job opportunity at a local school because she and her boyfriends and their friends stole from that school.

“How were they going to employ me when my daughter was stealing from them? I have even met former president Jacob Zuma in 2013. She promised Zuma that she would change her ugly habit, but she never did,” Dunn said.

Community support

Residents in the area, including Dereleen James, who once wrote to Zuma seeking help about drug addiction in Eldorado Park, are offering Dunn support. A candlelight vigil is expected to take place on Friday night at her home.

During Dunn’s court appearance on Wednesday, residents packed the courtroom in support of her.


Charly Boy Remarries Diane Oputa, Arrives In Keke.

Popular Nigerian Singer and song writer, Charlyboy has remarried his wife again.

Charlyboy shared the pictures on his Facebook wall.

In his words ,

“Today I said NO to “see finish” by remarrying my phenomenal, bespoke wife of 40years.”

“Thank you for marrying me again. And I go do am again and again.”

“Our marriage na for heaven Baba God bake am come let us enjoy am for earth.”

“You toooooo much ”


Image result for linda ikeji gif
According to an insider, who reached out to blogger, Kemi Ashefon, there is an untold version of the purported affair between Linda Ikeji and Sholaye Jeremy.

With a confirmation on Friday morning that oil and gas billionaire, Sholaye Jeremi, is the father of her new baby, while addressing other issues surrounding their purported affair, Sholaye’s friends have decided to unveil what actually transpired between Linda and their friends.

“She was silly to have written all that because many have seen through her veneer of piety and pretence that she is just another desperate young lady who employed the oldest trick in the book— tie a potential suitor down with pregnancy, a source close to Sholaye revealed.

Still referring to Linda’s post in her blog entitled ‘Meet my son Jayce…and yes, Sholaye Jeremi is his dad,’ which has since gone viral, Sholaye’s friends said:

“Linda desperately wove an incoherent story of how she met Sholaye, in one breath saying he lived in a three bedroom apartment in Lekki and in another saying he was a billionaire further lending credence to the insinuations that she just wanted to be Mrs Jeremi by all means and crudely deployed old feminine wiles to achieve that but in vain.”

Tracing the genesis of her relationship with the Delta State-born billionaire to one night in December 2015 shortly after moving into her Banana Island mansion and how they hit it off almost immediately, Linda wrote, “I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item…It was a whirlwind romance. He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual.” She went on to describe how one thing led to the other and ‘she fell pregnant’ even though the relationship had gone south. Linda welcomed a son whom she named Jayce Jeremi three months ago.

“Predictably, Linda’s post is the trending topic on all social media platforms – an uproar borne out of the song and dance she made of her alleged celibacy. A lot of Nigerians have weighed in on the matter while the man in the middle of the storm, a private man who despite his billions and connections, remained anonymous until this blogger came into his life. Even now, he would rather keep quiet.

“What Jeremi and Linda had was just a fling – a typical case of boy meets girl, just that in this case, there was a very desperate party. Jeremi was just out to have fun and there was not supposed to be any commitment or emotional attachment. But Linda had her plans from the moment she set eyes on him.”

“When Linda came up with the pregnancy tale and stormed his house crying and begging, Jeremi had to be diplomatic about it because he didn’t want to create a scene.

“He told her point-blank how disappointed he was and that if she was trying to lure him into marriage, she had another think coming. That was when Linda began to plead and blackmail him. Initially, she said it was a taboo from her part of Imo State to have a child outside wedlock. Later, she said Jeremi should just meet her father to assure him that he is the owner to save them from shame and what the world would think of her after she had deceived a lot of young girls about her pious life.”

“I am privy to the fact that Linda has been begging him to just accept paternity of the baby. And she herself confessed that she knew he was not in love with her neither did they talk about marriage but since she was pregnant, abortion was out of the question because of her age. Now, Jeremi feels used and I don’t know how the matter can ever be settled because what they had was not supposed to lead to this – it was more like a one night stand. So, all the emotion she is whipping up is to sway her gullible followers,” the source said.

Suspected Terrorists Attack Borno Town, Reportedly Cart Away Gun Trucks.

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A group of armed men suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect have sacked Gudumbali town, the Local Government Headquarters of Guzamala Local Government Area of Borno State.

In a distress message sent to Channels Television on Saturday, one of the residents said the attackers looted food items and reportedly carted away with about five gun trucks.

However, the Nigerian Army authorities have yet to issue any statement about the attack.

Many are feared dead in the attack which occurred on Friday evening while food items were being distributed to the civilian population.

Some soldiers were reportedly dislodged by the assailants and are said to be taking refuge in a nearby military location at Damasak.

The troops are, however, on a red alert for the rampaging insurgents in the area.

Gudumbali is home to nearly 3,000 persons relocated by the Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole and the Borno State government in June this year after four years of displacement in the heat of the insurgency.

But the town came under a fresh severe attack in September, during which it was sacked.

This prompted the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin, and other service chiefs to converge on Maiduguri, the Borno State capital to strategise new measures to be deployed in the war against terrorism.

The activities of the armed group have increased recently around the lake region in the northern part of the state.

Armored Truck Spilled ₦182M On New Jersey Highways, Causes Multiple Car Crashes.

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A faulty rear doors of Brink’s armored truck spilled over half a million dollar notes on the highway .

The incident caused at least 2 crashes ,minor fender benders and a major traffic backup, as people scrambled out of their cars to pickup the free flying money.

An observer at the scene said:

“The driver of the Brink’s truck looked like he was laughing and crying at the same time"

“He wasn’t mad and yelling at people. He just looked like he thought it was so absurd.”

Police say two bags of cash fell out, one contained $140,000 and the other had $370,000. They are currently looking at social media, videos and photos to try to identify people and cars that could be tracked down in order to recover about $300,000 (₦109m) that is still missing.

A similar incident happened in May this year when a Brink’s armored truck spilled an estimated $600,000 (approximately ₦218m) onto an interstate highway in Indianapolis,USA.