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3 Children Burnt To Death After Maid Sneaked Out To Visit Boyfriend.

A family has been left in a state of anguish after losing their three kids in a fatal fire accident.

Three children from a family have been burnt to death in a domestic fire outbreak.

It was gathered that the children were killed in the house fire which was reportedly caused by a candle on Friday night after the housemaid assigned to take care of the children allegedly sneaked out of the home to be with her boyfriend.

According to Facebook user Chuks Nonso, the children’s father was at work (night shift) while the mother went for a vigil when the tragic incident happened.

The children were burnt beyond recognition as help couldn’t come their way on time.

According to reports, the heartbroken couple are set to bury the charred remains of their children soon.

Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia warns travellers against carrying over $3,000.

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The Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Bankole Adeoye, says Nigerians staying in Ethiopia over 14 hours, or transiting to other destinations, need to be wary of carrying monies in excess of $3000, or its equivalent in other currencies.

Adeoye said this is as a result of a longstanding economic policy by the Ethiopian government.

According to him, the policy is being re-enforced, causing Nigerian travellers to lose hundreds of thousands in forex while passing through the country.

He further stated that so far, over 25 Nigerians have had monies and valuables confiscated because of the policy.

Adeoye, who was speaking on the sidelines of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, however, said the Nigerian government is working to help recover confiscated monies but wants Nigerians to be aware of the risk of carrying forex in excess.

He urged Nigerians carrying such monies, to declare them, at the point of entry.

“The job of the embassy, the task before us is to make sure that awareness is created, is greater, is intense and most Nigerians are aware when they come that they need to be cleared on arrival.

“Due to this new push, we are making progress and we have consulted with the Government of Ethiopia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the tax authorities and indeed the Ethiopian Alliance itself.

“So, on Ethiopian Airlines flights, there are now greater awareness and announcement being created. For those who are staying overnight on transits in hotels, we are also making sure that they are fully aware that this is a peculiar law because the standard international threshold is $10,000.

“But we have assured Nigerians that we will continue to protect their interests knowing fully well that ignorance of the law is not an excuse. We have over 25 Nigerians that have been involved.

“It is not only cash in foreign currency. It is also valuables to the tune of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Dollars in all currencies that we know.

“But we are assured by the commitment of the Government of Ethiopia that they will refund where the cases have been thoroughly examined by the tax and revenue authorities.

“In two or three cases, there have been refunds because the circumstances were different, and we hope that that step will continue.

“Since we came, we have raised it with the highest level of authorities and indeed the former Prime Minister did give a go-ahead the refund of some of the seized foreign currencies.”

19-year-old girl stabs husband to death over alleged infidelity.

19-year-old girl stabs husband
A 19-year-old girl identified as Mary Adeniyi, has been arrested for reportedly stabbing her husband to death in Lagos.

The nursing mother committed the offence on Friday afternoon, during a scuffle with her husband, Solomon Nduka, 30, over her alleged infidelity at their Shagamu Road, Ikorodu residence.

The deceased, it was gathered, usually accused the suspect of cheating on him which led to a fight. Adeniyi, said to have a 4-month-old baby, allegedly stabbed Solomon in the neck.

Why I kicked against my wife’s third term — TINUBU.

NATIONAL leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has revealed how some influential members in the Lagos APC Governor’s Advisory Council, GAC, upturned one of his critical decisions not to return his wife, Remi, for a third term in the Senate.

 Tinubu, explained that the “coup” was hatched prelude to the conduct of the last primary elections across the 245 wards of the 20 Local Government Areas in the state, last year.

He said this while addressing party leaders and members at a stakeholders’ meeting, prior to the postponed Presidential and National Assembly polls, at Police College, Play-Ground, Ikeja in Lagos.

Tinubu, who was reacting to the allegations  of imposition levelled against him, said some of his decisions are also being influenced by leaders in the party.

He said: “Let me tell the story of how Bayo Osinowo, APC Senatorial candidate for Lagos East emerged (displacing incumbent Senator Gbenga Ashafa). I was still thinking on the way to go for the primaries.

“I told them, we will not follow the third term syndrome. No candidate will go for a third term which also affected my wife Remi. I did not want her to go for a third term.

But Prince Tajudeen Olusi, leader of the GAC and some members led the coup against that decision.

I told them I wanted my wife back at home but they insisted that I must listen to them. And after much argument, I conceded and said I will obey you. That was how Remi got the APC third term ticket.

“Now coming to the East, (where Ashafa was also bidding to go for the third term and eventually lost out to Osinowo) I was contemplating on who could be our candidate when Kaoli Olusanya led leaders from Ikorodu to my house saying they have resolved to send Bayo Osinowo to the Senate for the East Senatorial District and that was it.”

He said the clarification became necessary following series of allegations of imposition of candidates levelled against him in some quarters, particularly, from the opposition parties.

To achieve victory at the poll, Tinubu announced the setting up of a Special Taskforce to take public complaints, mobilization, and monitoring of the exercise.

Tinubu, also urged the special taskforce, executives of the party to embark on final reconciliation of all aggrieved members through series of meetings in order to have a consolidated electoral victory across board.



: Man dies in police custody in Edo as family couldn't afford to pay N20,000 bail
A man from Eguare Opoji, Ekpoma identified as Mr. Osifo Okoeguale allegedly died in police custody because his sister couldn’t  afford to pay the sum of #20,000 allegedly demanded by the police from Ekpoma Division. 

According to activist Kola Edokpayi It all happened on the 12th day of February, 2019 when the man was arrested alongside his 14 years old cousin in Ekpoma. The deceased elder  sister came to the Police Station to facilitate his bail, the IPO allegedly demanded the sum of #20,000 for bail.

The woman pleaded with the IPO to collect the sum of #15,000 but he allegedly refused to collect the money and insisted on 20k.

The woman left the station in frustration and came back two days later only to be told that her brother died in police custody. Kola Edokpayi and his team  stated tthat they are handling the matter in the interest of justice. 


Rescue Ships Returning Stranded Migrants Back To Libya After Lying Of Going To Europe.

Some commercial ships that have rescued people in danger have lied about their destination, according to a telephone hotline that helps migrants lost at sea.

Alarm Phone says the crews of several ships led migrants to believe they would be dropped off in Europe, but instead returned them to Libya.

On February 12 at 14:45, Alarm Phone, a hotline that takes distress calls from migrants lost in the Mediterranean Sea, posted the following message:

“Today, we were called by people who had been illegally sent back to Libya. They had been intercepted by a merchant ship and told they were going to be brought to Europe. Instead, they found themselves in Tripoli.”

Alarm Phone contacted one of the migrants involved in the rescue in question, who described what had happened. “We were 62 people on a dinghy. A boat approached us and brought us on board. They told us: ‘We’re going to take you to Rome.’ Then they gave us biscuits, medicine … We went to sleep, we were exhausted. At 8a:45, when we woke up, we were in Tripoli.”

This is not the first time that Alarm Phone, which is managed by activists, has been alerted by migrants to this kind of practice. Several commercial vessels – not humanitarian boats – have reportedly lied about where they planned to disembark rescued migrants and returned them to Libya. “It looks like it’s a new tactic of the crews of commercial ships,” Maurice Stierl, a member of Alarm Phone, told InfoMigrants. “We think it’s a strategy to avoid unrest on board. It’s really very cynical.”

In January, Alarm Phone reported that 140 people, rescued by a commercial ship, the Lady Sham, had been returned to Libya, again, without being informed.

InfoMigrants was able to contact Sara* who was on board. “When we were picked up by the Lady Sham on the open sea [on the 20th of January], the crew told us that we were heading to Germany, but the next day we realized that we had been sent back Libya.”


KEN SARO-WIWA: I’ve been fighting for my murdered husband for 22 years now – Kiobel’s widow.

The widow of a Nigerian activist suing oil giant Shell over the execution of her husband says his death left her “traumatised” and “poverty-stricken”.

Esther Kiobel is testifying in court at The Hague, demanding compensation from the Netherlands-based firm.

She is among four women who accuse Shell of being complicit in the hanging of their husbands by Nigeria’s military on November 10, 1995.

Shell denies the allegation.

The activists led mass protests against oil pollution in Nigeria’s Ogoniland.

The protests were seen as a major threat to then-military ruler Gen Sani Abacha, and Shell. They were led by author Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was among nine activists hanged by the military regime.

Their executions caused global outrage, and led to Nigeria’s suspension from the Commonwealth for more than three years. Two of the widows were in court, but two others were denied visas to attend.


More than two decades later, memories of the executions still move the widows to tears, reports the BBC’s Anna Holligan from court.

Mrs Kiobel, who fled Nigeria in 1998 and now lives in the United States, wiped her eyes, and in a quivering voice described her husband, Barinem Kiobel, as “kind-hearted”.

Representatives of Shell looked on. At one point, the phone of one them rang as the widows wiped their eyes, prompting judges to remind everyone to keep their devices on silent.

What else did Kiobel say? 

In a written statement, she said she had lost a “wonderful husband” and a “best friend”. She added:

“Shell came into my life to take the best crown l ever wore off my head. Shell came into my life to make me a poverty-stricken widow with all my businesses shut down. Shell came into my life to make me a refugee living in harsh conditions before l came to the United States through [a] refugee programme and now [I am a] citizen.

“The abuses my family and l went through are such an awful experience that has left us traumatised to date without help. We all have lived with so much pain and agony, but rather than giving up, the thought of how ruthlessly my husband was killed… has spurred me to remain resilient in my fight for justice.

“Nigeria and Shell killed my late husband: Dr Barinem Kiobel and his compatriots Kenule Tua Saro Wiwa, John Kpuinen, Baribor Bera, Paul Levula, Nordu Eawo and the rest [of the] innocent souls.

“My husband and the rest were killed… The memory of the physical torture my family and l went through has remained fresh in my mind, and whenever l look at the scar of the injury l sustained during the incident, my heart races for justice all the more.

“My husband had a good heart. Now I am a poor widow who has lost everything.

“The abuses that my family and I went through were a horrible experience that has traumatised us to this day”.

Kiobel added: “We need justice, it’s not about the money… I have been fighting for my murdered husband for 22 years now, so he can be acquitted of a crime he never committed.”

What is Shell’s response? 

In a statement, the firm said the executions were “tragic events which shocked us deeply”.

The statement added: “The Shell Group, alongside other organisations and individuals, appealed for clemency to the military government in power in Nigeria at that time. To our deep regret, those appeals went unheard.

“We have always denied, in the strongest possible terms, the allegations made in this tragic case. SPDC [the Shell Petroleum Development Company] did not collude with the authorities to suppress community unrest, it in no way encouraged or advocated any act of violence in Nigeria, and it had no role in the arrest, trial and execution of these men.

“We believe that the evidence clearly shows that Shell was not responsible for these distressing events.”

Why were the activists hanged? 

Saro-Wiwa and the eight other activists were executed after a secret trial in which they were convicted of murdering four Ogoni traditional leaders.

They denied the charge, and said they were framed.

Then-UK Prime Minister John Major described the trial as “fraudulent”, and said it had led to “judicial murder”.

At his trial, Saro-Wiwa said the case was designed to prevent the Ogoni people from fighting against oil pollution which had devastated the region’s environment and had caused poverty and disease.

Saro-Wiwa had co-founded the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (Mosop) in 1990, launching mass campaigns to win compensation for environmental damage and to demand that the region be given a fair share of oil profits.

What did the other widow say? 

In her statement to the court, Victoria Bera, said she was pregnant with her first child when her husband, Baribor Bera, was arrested by the military.

She said: “The detention and subsequent execution of my husband made things very difficult for the entire family, including other relatives who depended on his financial support.

“The pain I’ve been living in these years doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what I do, especially when l look at my son, who had to grow up without a father…

“I need justice. I need justice for my people.” Bera, who now lives in Canada, said her husband was guilty of nothing except protesting against Shell.

“We wanted a fair share of the profit, but we got nothing, no light or water yet. Shell and Nigeria took the oil and we got nothing,” she said.


Kenyan lawyer assassinated.

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A Kenyan lawyer, Robert Chesang was on Sunday afternoon assassinated in his home in the outskirts of Nairobi, the Standard newspaper reported.

The gun attack happened in Lukenya area, Machakos County. The assassins reportedly escaped.

According to the newspaper, policemen who were called to the scene of the crime had to scale the fence to enter the compound as the gates were locked.

The lawyer was said to have been alone in the house during the time of the incident.

Police said they recovered seven spent cartridges of an AK47 rifle at the scene of murder.

“It is rare to find thugs with rifles and especially AK47. This seems to be classic elimination using serious people probably state operatives,” a police official said.

The body has been moved to Shalom Hospital mortuary.

Eight killed in accident on Lagos/Abeokuta expressway.

File photo of an Accident scene of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway
Eight persons were confirmed dead while a pregnant woman and a child sustained injuries in an accident involving a blue Toyota Corolla Sport car around Ewekoro Area on Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway.

Babatunde Akinbiyi, the spokesperson, Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE), confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abeokuta on Sunday.

Mr Akinbiyi explained that the accident which occurred around 12:50 p.m. was caused by excessive speeding and loss of control by the driver.

He said that 10 persons made up of four males, four females and two children were involved in the accident that killed the eight persons leaving a pregnant woman and another person injured.

“We learnt that the Toyota Corolla Sport vehicle was inbound Abeokuta on the Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway when the accident happened.

“The driver of the Toyota marked AKD 649 FP, who was drunk and on excessive speed lost control of the vehicle and rammed into a stationery trailer parked on the road.

“Though the driver of the trailer was not in the vehicle when the accident happened, he reported and is presently at Ewekoro Divisional Police Station with the vehicles involved,’’ he said.

Mr Akinbiyi said that the remains of the deceased had been deposited at the General Hospital Morgue in Ifo Local Government Area of the state.

He said the injured pregnant woman and a boy were receiving medical treatment at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Idi-Aba, Abeokuta.

39-year-old woman allegedly steals N100 million belonging to church.

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A 39-year-old woman in Ogun State, Iwuagwu Onyinyechi has been accused of stealing N100 million belonging to a church in the state.

In a petition written by a lawyer, Godswill Ojakovo on behalf of the Church and forwarded to the police, the lawyer complained to police that the woman defrauded his client.

The Police Public Relations Officer for Ogun State Police Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed that police authority in the state got the petition and that the matter is under investigation.

The PPRO said "upon the petition, the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Command, CP Ahmed Iiyasu directed the the monitoring team to go after the suspect and bring her to book".

The police spokesman said the detectives technically tracked the suspect and got her arrested on 21st of January 2019.

"On interrogation, the suspect confessed to the commission of the crime", Oyeyemi confirmed to The Nigerian Voice.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Iliyasu has directed the monitoring team to arraign the suspect in court after investigations.